RINK FESTIVAL 2019 will be held on 8th February

This event is organized with the aim to help member companies in finding suitable business partner for collaboration as well as raising funds.


Date:February 8, 2019(Fri) Location:Life Innovation Center(Kawasaki-city , Kanagawa, Japan)
Host :The Regenerative medicine & Cell therapy industrialization
network of Kanagawa (RINK) and Kanagawa Prefecture
Audience : RINK members(Big Pharma companies, Chemical companies,
Academia, Bank, Venture Capital, Local government etc.)


<Contents of Event>

・Pitch from Startup companies in the regenerative medicine field (including related fields)
・ 「Issue and Proposal for Regenerative Medicine(Shonan Health Innovation Park)
・ Seminar of Cell Culture(iPS Portal)
・ Introduction of KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster(Kobe City)
・ Poster session and exhibition by RINK Members
・ Extempore speech from Overseas -Video Presentation
・ Introduction of「BIO×HARD tech lab」(Kyoto Research Park)
・ Introduction of Innovation Hub KYOTO(Kyoto University)
・ Networking Party